To learn at EIU, International students have to get the DH Visa.

DH Visa stands for “Du Hoc” (Study abroad) Visa is issued to foreign students who come to learn in Vietnam. The duration of a DH visa is no longer than 12 months.

How to get Vietnam DH Visa?

Important information and documents for DH visa approval letter include:

  • Legal information and documents of inviting education institution (EIU)
  • Written agreement between the oversea university, college and those in Vietnam or a written acceptance from the Vietnam school or education institution determined the right students.
  • Academic curriculum and other information; personal information shown in applicant’s passports; date, port of entry and exit; place to get entry visa, single entry or multiple entries…

What do you need to prepare?

Contact the Office of Academic Affairs to clarify the process of applying to EIU and to ensure that you are accepted as an EIU student. (You should do that at least 02 months before moving to Vietnam)

Based on your information, EIU will support you to present a document to the Vietnam Immigration Department to get a DH Visa Approval letter .

EIU will send you the DH Visa Approval letter through your email address. You can contact the visa issuing authority of Vietnam in your country or the one at Vietnam International Airport which presents the approval letter to get your DH Visa.