Students of EIU, Singapore’s Republic Polytechnic strengthen networking

The Eastern International University (EIU) welcomed visiting students from Republic Polytechnic in Singapore on March 15, 2023.

The visit aimed to enhance networking and international cooperation between EIU and Republic Polytechnic, while creating more opportunities for student and lecturer exchanges, academic exchanges, and scientific research activities.

The visiting students got to generally know EIU in the Vietnamese southern province of Binh Duong, especially the EIU study environment that helps students gain practical experiences, a solid foundation of knowledge, and experiences for their future careers.

EIU students and Republic Polytechnic students took photos

The delegation toured units of EIU’s Innovation Ecosystem like the Becamex Business Incubator (BBI), Vietnam-Singapore Industry 4.0 Innovation Center (VSIIC), Advanced Manufacturing Center (AMC), and Fablab Manufacturing Experiment Center.

The Republic Polytechnic students showed a special interest in VSIIC. It is an important foundation in the EIU innovation ecosystem – its mission is to train a workforce ready for the future. It is a place for students, among them are engineering student, to study, do research, and carry out projects with smart machinery and equipment systems to catch up with the development trends of the fourth industrial revolution.

During the program, students of the two educational institutions discusses issues on the supply chain in the semiconductor industry. This sector is one of the key drivers in the global electronics industry. Therefore, the topic drew lot of attention from them. This was also a great opportunity for students to make friends and get to know more about the two countries’ economies, cultures and technology issues.

To train high-quality human resources, EIU always focuses on expanding international cooperation, especially with prestigious educational institutions to share and learn advanced training programs, exchange ideas. The initiatives have made substantial contributions to enrich student experience, helping them be able to confidently study and work in an international environment.

Some pictures of EIU and Republic Polytechnic students