As part of EIU, the Office of Community Engagement (OCE) has the mission to build up and promote ties with the business community. The OCE is also a network between the university and the business community in training, research and development activities. These activities play an important role in collaborating with partners to create value ​​for the community and improve EIU training quality.


  • Promoting ties with businesses
  • Building and developing relations with strategic partners
  • Connecting and developing the alumni network
  • Organizing seminars, workshops, career counseling and job placement events


  1. Connecting businesses
  • Organizing seminars, workshops with guest speakers from businesses to update students on practical knowledge
  • Supporting Schools/Faculties to implement activities, including internships, business cooperation projects and final year projects for students
  • Introducing students to corporate funds or corporate sponsors
  1. Developing relations with strategic partners

Identifying partners who share the same vision and development directions, building a strategic partnership with them to maximize the resources of both parties.

  1. Connecting Alumni

Connecting and developing the alumni community of EIU.

  1. Career counseling for students

Organizing student events: job fairs, career counseling and soft skills seminars to create conditions for students to develop themselves and get future career opportunities.

  1. Business connection

Internship programs for students

With a diverse network of connections, the OCE works and forms long-term relations with partners, providing potential and valuable learning and internship opportunities for students.

Internship partners include photos of the network companies (See the infographic)


Workshops organized by OCE bring tremendous value to students. Through these activities, students accumulate a lot of new knowledge and experiences to support their future study and career. The topics of these workshops are practical such as perspectives and industry updates, innovations in science and technology, topics related to professional career development and related skills; sharing experiences, career journeys and learning journeys between alumni and students.

Projects via corporate partnerships

PBL projects: projects in a specialized course. This is a teaching method that helps students improve their knowledge and skills through solving real-life problems, requiring research and understanding business challenges. Typically, a PBL project program will last 10 – 12 weeks.

Industry projects: projects carried out by faculty members to enhance the faculty’s teaching and research capabilities. Projects can involve many aspects of a manufacturing or service industry with the aim of improving productivity, quality, throughput, health and safety, and economics. Students can support faculty members to participate in projects as a part of the learning process.

Capstone projects: graduation projects designed for final year students to help students gain real-world experience before graduation. Students will work in groups to come up with creative solutions to real-world problems, while understanding the needs and responsibilities of the job. This gives students the opportunity to develop leadership and management skills and understand the consequences of making decisions in their comfort zone.

  1. Strategic partnerships

The innovation of the global industrial revolution requires education and training to quickly adapt and update knowledge to catch up with trends and meet the job needs of industries. Therefore, the cooperation between the university and strategic partners enhances professional training efficiency. Thereby, existing problems from partner enterprises can be the topics for discussion and practices for students.

Business partners:

  • Wu’s Tech Vietnam Co., Ltd
  • Bonfiglioli Vietnam Co., Ltd
  • SML Vietnam Co., Ltd
  • Hon Chuan Vietnam Co., Ltd
  • Detmold Packaging Vietnam Co., Ltd

Technology partners

  • Vietnam Festo Company
  1. Alumni Network

To strengthen the ties between EIU alumni and EIU students , seminars are designed for the alumni to share their knowledge, practical work experience, career, the perspectives of fresh graduates and the difficulties on the journey of conquering their career dreams.

  1. Career counseling

Organizing events such as: job fairs, career counseling and soft skills seminars to help students develop their skills and look for future career opportunities.

The Office of Community Engagement (OCE), B5.101, Building B5, Eastern International University, Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Hoa Phu Ward, Thu Dau Mot City, Binh Duong Province

Phone: 0274 222 0340