Eastern International University (EIU) visited and worked at Jeju National University, South Korea

On March 29, 2024, the delegation from Eastern International University (EIU), led by Mr. Nguyen Tan Loi, Chairman of the University Council, visited and worked at Jeju National University, South Korea, to implement EIU’s strategy for developing international cooperation networks and to discuss opportunities for educational development cooperation. The EIU delegation was welcomed by Professor Kim Eel-Hwan, President of Jeju National University, Professor Kang Hee-Kyung, Vice President, and leaders of various departments.

During the meeting, the two institutions exchanged views on academic cooperation activities, especially in the development of training programs and exchange programs, including short-term exchanges, online co-teaching, long-term 2+2 exchanges, and internships. Additionally, topics such as implementing externally funded projects, community projects for students, credit transfer programs, sustainable development, and ESG reporting were discussed.

Eastern International University and Jeju National University at the meeting

Within the framework of the visit, the EIU delegation also toured the campus and faculties of Jeju National University and visited the Jeju National University Hospital. This visit provided EIU with an opportunity to learn about advancements in academics, science and technology, and medicine, further enhancing the quality of its staff, developing training programs, research, and technology transfer, and creating opportunities for students to integrate into the international environment more quickly.

Mr. Nguyen Tan Loi (left) – Chairman of the Council of Eastern International University, and Professor Kim Eel-Hwan – President of Jeju National University (Jeju), taking a commemorative photo at the headquarters of Jeju University.

The delegation from Eastern International University visited Jeju National University Hospital.

The delegation from EIU took a commemorative photo with the Board of Directors of Jeju National University after the working program.