Becamex IDC joins national social housing promotion conference

Vietnamese leading urban and industrial development corporation Becamex IDC ioined a Prime Minister-chaired conference on August 1, 2022 on social housing development for workers and low-income people.

At the conference, Becamex IDC executives reiterated the major developer’s view point “consolidating house rents into money to buy a house” to support workers to settle down soon at the places where Becamex invests. Becamex is fully aware that each employee is like an investor, they all invest with both money and their intelligence, time, youth and future to contribute to socio-economic development in Binh Duong and the whole country as well.

Embracing the development model, Becamex always attaches great importance to building quality and affordable social housing projects to serve workers, including migrants. The Binh Duong-based corporation desires to create equality for all people in getting access to healthcare, education, cultural services, infrastructure like roads, public venues and parks, with special care for low-income people, including migrant workers.

Currently, Becamex is building a new model of ecosystem, taking innovation and science and technology as the focus, and employees continue to be the core. In this development, challenges faced by Becamex and all of us include how to continue to help workers and their descendants to improve their skills and knowledge in order to keep up with the developments in the digital economy, able to stand firm and develop amid fast-developing science and technology.

As part of the Becamex ecosystem, the Eastern International University has also made important contributions to training high-quality human resources, providing professionalism training based on real needs in Binh Duong province and Vietnam. EIU also serves as a locomotive to promote entrepreneurship and innovation, attracting human resources to study, work, research to further contribute to socio-economic development.

These contributions are instrumental in attracting personnel to come to work in Binh Duong. In the province, they are able to get access to social welfares, healthcare, and EIU’s international education environment at costs suitable for them.

Source: Vietnamese Government’s online newspaper

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