“Capstone project” is a type of project for final year students, carried out under the guidance of lecturers, this can be considered as the final “exercise” for students to consolidate their knowledge and complete their study program. .

Capstone project plays an important role not only in academic development but also career development for students. Students will do a “capstone project” with a real-life problem presented by partners, businesses or startups.

The topics are selected to ensure the academic requirements as well as the applicability of the project. The implementation of the “capstone project” requires students to apply all the knowledge and skills throughout the learning process to judge, analyze and solve problems. This is one of the ways research helps to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Through the implementation of the project, students will also have a certain completion of knowledge and gain more experience before graduation, hone specific skills that are highly appreciated by employers.

At the same time, the “capstone project” is also a form of cooperation between the university and its partners with the aim of supporting each other for the benefit of both parties such as research and development cooperation, commercialization of results. Research, support to promote innovative start-up activities…

Therefore, the “capstone project” is a bridge to help businesses find potential human resources in the future as well as find new solutions to real-life problems, and help schools have the opportunity to approach businesses. businesses, updating technologies and practices at enterprises to improve the school’s training program.

With a complete ecosystem of training and research activities; With the necessary conditions for the system of key laboratory, interdisciplinary/specializedand knowledge resources, EIU has enough potential to organize cooperative activities to implement the project and is a reliable partner of the community. enterprise.

Kế toán, quản trị
Kế toán, Quản trị, Tài chính và quản lý rủi ro

Khoa học tự nhiên:
Năng lượng, Toán học, Vật lý

Kỹ thuật và Công nghệ
Khoa học máy tính, Điện-Điện tử,
Sản xuất thông minh, Robotics,
Cơ điện tử y sinh, Trí tuệ nhân tạo 

Khoa học xã hội:
Kinh tế, Khởi nghiệp và sáng tạo

Project: Smart Warehouse

The Fourth Industrial Revolution creates many opportunities and challenges for engineering, technology and economy on a global scale. The trend of automation and data exchange through physical networks and the Internet of Things has created the necessity and convenience for creating optimal management methods and increasing competitiveness. competition of supply chain participants. In which, smart warehouse is assessed to bring more competitive advantages than traditional warehouse; such as optimizing storage space, reducing energy costs, labor costs; increase accuracy in loading and unloading goods as well as minimize product damage.

The smart warehouse project at EIU is an applied testing center that applies a miniature physical model (prototype), in which impacts, effects and outcomes are simulated based on environmental assumptions. reality. The test center gives students the opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned to make decisions like in a real working environment. In addition, with the desire to improve teaching and learning standards in the direction of practical application for engineering, information technology, and business administration, specifically the supply chain industry in Vietnam, and become a center for As a pilot for nearby manufacturing companies, the construction of a 1:10 sized laboratory with functions that function as a physical system at the EIU was an important step forward.

Therefore, the “Smart Warehouse” project is deployed to create the foundation for teaching, learning and research at the three faculties of Business Administration, Engineering and Information Technology. In particular, the project builds a foundation for a testing center to help businesses verify applications to optimize the logistics management process, avoiding risks and costs before applying the model in practice. .

Contact us for project cooperation via email communityconnect@eiu.edu.vn