Program code: 7480102

Length of time: 4 years

Minimum required accumulated credits: 188 credits – 3 quarters/year (~ 125 credits – 2 quarters/year)

Tuition Fee: VND20.000.000/ year

*Tuition Fee is fixed for a complete academic year.

* Tuition Fee does not include any fees for the first-year English program (if required) at the EIU English Language Center.

The Software engineering program is designed to provide students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitude to solve technical problems in the design, development, and security of computer networks, wireless sensor networks (WSNs), and the internet of things (IoT). Students will have the opportunities to learn about different communication standards, protocols, architectures, and network models being researched  and applied in practice.

Many intensive and diverse courses will help students widen their knowledge and skills in analyzing and evaluating the performance of computer and communication networks. Students are also encouraged to develop the ability to learn and research new topics, new devevlopments. Graduates are qualified to work and research effectively in domestic and international environments.

100% of students will achieve at least IELTS band 6.0 before graduation.

Students will study in a modern environment, with a system of modern practice rooms that meet the requirements of study and research. Furthermore, practice hours account for more than 40%.

Students will have many opportunities to work with faculty members on creative projects, do academic research, and participate in national and international conferences.

Students are facilitated to study and practice at major domestic and international companies starting from the third year.

Lab rooms are fully equipped with high-configuration computers and high-speed Internet.

Programming tools are always up to date.

Large lecture halls and self-study rooms for students are fully equipped.

Software engineering students after graduation can work in software development, become software engineers or information technology specialists. They can contribute to software project management by planning, controlling software projects, and ensuring software quality. They can also become software research & development specialists.

Students can continue their postgraduate studies in Vietnam or other countries. Starting their own business in software is also a promising direction for software graduates.