Program code: 72520114

Length of time: 4 years

Minimum required accumulated credits: 192 credits 3 quarters/year equivalent to 128 credits (2 semesters/ year)

Tuition Fee: VNd20,000,000/year*

*Tuition Fee is fixed for a complete academic year.

* Tuition Fee does not include any fees for the first-year English program (if required) at the EIU English Language Center.

Mechatronics Engineering is the combination of knowledge related to mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and computer engineering. At EIU, students are equipped with all the skills and how to apply them to solve problems related to the design, manufacture, operation, improvement and maintenance of mechatronics equipment systems.  Students have the opportunity to learn from reality, promote creativity, stimulate thinking, promote research capacity and develop application of science and technology in mechatronics engineering.

All students will achieve a minimum score of 6.0 in IELTS before graduation.

The study program integrates the use of technical computing softwares (Matlab, Visual C#), programming software for PLC and SCADA systems, robot simulation software, CAD/CAM-CNC, and electronic circuit design and simulation software (Orcad, Multisim, Proteus).

Students can join programs that include lots of practical hours and study in a system of extensive practice rooms and laboratories equipped with modern machinery and devices with technologies similar to those used by businesses.

Students are able to study and intern at top domestic and foreign companies from the third year.

Students have the opportunity to conduct their undergraduate thesis with the help of faculty members and carry out Capstone projects with businesses.

Mechatronics Engineering students have various career opportunities and are able to choose many suitable and potential positions, such as engineers in production, design, molding, robots; operating hardware and software systems to control machines, automatic equipment, and automatic production systems. Students can also do jobs such as production management (line, equipment, product quality…); technology consulting, technical design, programming control, construction and transfer of automatic and semi-automatic systems at companies in the field of mechanics, electricity – electronics or project management in mechanics, automation and computer programming.

Moreover, students can continue to reach to post-graduate degrees in Vietnam and other countries, or they can establish their own businesses.