The Orientation Program for new students in 2023

On September 11, 2023, the new students of 2023 participated in the opening activities of the orientation week organized by EIU. The program was designed to provide useful information to students throughout their academic journey and experiences at the university.

To kick off the orientation week, the students had the opportunity to meet with the university’s leadership and the professors and staff from departments related to students’ academic journey. During the program, Dr. Ngo Minh Duc, the President of EIU, shared the university’s vision, mission, educational goals, and its role in providing high-quality human resources to the business community, contributing to the development of Binh Duong province. The university places students at the center of its education efforts, and the EIU ecosystem offers comprehensive support services to help students achieve their goals and succeed in their studies through various activities such as learning, research, creativity, internships, exchanges, cooperation with businesses, experiential learning, and student union activities.

During the orientation activities, students were introduced to various departments and units that would be involved in their academic journey, such as the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Academic Affairs, the Office of International Affairs, the Youth Union, the Library, and more. These units play essential roles in advising and supporting students in all aspects of academic learning, health, life, career development, personal growth, and they provide guidance on training regulations and related policies. Moreover, these departments also support students in activities such as internships, international student exchanges, cooperative projects with businesses, community service, and more.

In addition, students had the opportunity to ask questions related to their concerns during the program, and the professors and staff members provided guidance and shared insights. The orientation program for new students at EIU lasts for three weeks and includes various engaging activities to help students get acquainted with the academic environment and student life.

Here are some images at the program

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